Our mission is to elevate coffee each step of the way from the farm to the cup, for a memorable specialty coffee experience. 


“Sequential” is a reference to sequential art that is most often encountered in comics and graphic novels. Frame to frame, they tell stories through illustrations that are often more informative than mere words can convey. In between each frame is a space, referred to as “the ditch”, where the reader’s mind puts together what happened between each frame. It happens subconsciously. But what happens in the ditch is equally important to what happens in the frame, because that’s where the reader’s mind participates in the story and makes it their own. Sequential Coffee originated as a graphic book, designed by founder Stephen Ezell, to illustrate best practices in coffee production that would transcend language barriers. Stories are what bring us together and coffee has always played a role in that, bringing people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures together in that third place that we all subconsciously seek between frames.

Underlying every decision we make, relationship or partnership we forge, much thought is given to how each of those interact and effect each other. We examine the importance of what we "do" as well as what we "don't do" in each so that the outcome is the most desirable one for all. Then we examine those things all over again.  Because everything has a sequence and each measurement, action or inaction, makes a difference.


We thoughtfully curate the finest coffees from around the world and directly support the farmers and workers to provide a special experience for both our customers and our growers alike.

Each farm, each crop, requires a unique roast profile in order to speak for itself. We consistently highlight each bean's unique notes: exotic fruits, fine dark chocolates, as well as floral and sweet citric aromas through the science and art of specialty roasting.

In the ever changing world of coffee, we aim to stay on the cutting edge of science, function, and sustainability. We firmly believe in reuse, bio-friendly materials, and environmentally conscious roasting practices. Responsibility to the environment is vital to our cause.



Although he stumbled into it, Stephen quickly realized that he had a knack and a passion for the holistic coffee experience that starts with harvesting and ends with an amazing cup of coffee and the culture that surrounds it. He started as a Bookkeeper for Boot Coffee, but quickly transitioned into working with students in the Boot coffee laboratory where he took every class offered, learned to roast, cup and process coffee. This came in the form of one-on-one training with Willem Boot.

To further his understanding, he traveled from Kona to Panama to meet growers and learn the agricultural and cultivation process for the world's finest coffees. He began teaching introductory roasting classes at Boot and continued to hone his passion for roasting high-end natural coffees and modulating flavor profiles. After receiving his Q grader certification, he continued to roast and became a master blender. Stephen was invited to farms around the world to consult, raising his acumen for cupping and storage defects and increasing his knowledge of producing, roasting and presenting the worlds most sought-after coffees.

He later worked at The San Franciscan coffee roaster manufacturing plant, further sharpening his technical expertise of the complete process. Stephen has served on the Membership Council for the Coffee Roasters Guild, been a guest on the Opposites Extract podcast, taught classes to students in Panama, worked with Mokhtar Alkanshali on his Yemen coffee project and is mentioned in the book about that project, 'Monk of Mokha,' by Dave Eggers. His consultation with farmers, roasters and enthusiasts around the globe, continues as an integral part of Sequential Coffee.


Shepard brings 20 years in running high paced, high demand operations in the areas of film, marketing, distribution and branding. His first career in high tech sector instilled skills and interests that followed him into the film and television production world and subsequently into the advertising and branding arena. He brings his inclusive leadership and business acumen to his passion for coffee and the people who produce it.

Shepard and Ezell met while renovating homes in between gigs in 2004 and have remained close friends even as their work took them different directions. Both have a Renaissance man’s approach to life and they are now bringing their respective expertise to producing the most delicious coffee in the southeast region by working with the best coffee producers around the world and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride.