SEQNTL Coffee: Phase Two is because of you.

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SEQNTL Coffee: Phase Two is because of you.

 You've helped us get here, and we're not slowing down. 

At Sequential Coffee we're grateful for your fantastic response to the launch of our coffee startup. Despite the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19, you've helped our online business grow. And we're so excited for what's coming next.



A year ago when we revised our business plan, we assigned phases to each milestone needed to be achieved, broke those into markers that had to be present to reach those milestones and set about to put that plan into action. In a nutshell, Phase One included fundraising for product development, and field testing each profile, gathering feedback and adjusting accordingly. 

Phase Two largely comprised taking our coffee to market and building the brand. Thanks to our partners and some early retail adapters we hit each of our marks. What we did not see coming, any of us; forced us into honing our online marketplace and focusing all our energy into making that our frontline for getting Sequential to you.  

Phase Three will lead us into opening our first cafe so we can more closely share in the Sequential experience together. We have a lot to share and can't wait to create a "home" where we can invite you celebrate with us each day.

The point is, we hit our marks due to your great participation and the next successes will likewise, come from you.  So we're improving our online store to make this as enjoyable as possible. 

We have re-skinned our online store for a more streamlined visitor and shopping experience.

We have added ways for you to save $ on our coffees as a way of saying thanks for being a part of our community.

  • SEQ Points gives you points for every dollar spent that you can in turn spend on our products as you wish.
  • SEQ Subscriptions allow you to get the coffee you want delivered to your door as often as you like and to change your mind whenever you like.

We have several new blends and single origin coffees to release in late May. And everything will come in our newly designed package that is reflective of our ongoing story and mission.

In the next few months we will have more news and more firsts. But for now, a heartfelt thanks for all of your support in getting through and to this point. Every step matters.

Sequentially Yours.