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Notes: Jasmine, nectarine, and white tea

Qahwa (Arabic coffee) is the most popular form of coffee brewed in the Middle East. It originated in Yemen and eventually found its way to Mecca (Hejaz), Egypt, the Levant, and then Turkey by the mid-16th century. 

We use our single origin Ethiopia Sidamo Bombe beans, roasted very lightly, to give the coffee a lighter body and bright acidity. 

Qahwa preparation varies by region, typically the lightly roasted beans are ground fine and brewed with a blend of spices (cardamom, saffron, and sometimes cloves or cinnamon) in hot water using a traditional coffee pot called a dallah or a briki. It’s usually sweetened with sugar or honey and served in small cups, often accompanied by dates or other sweets.

Drinking Qahwa is a traditional social activity in many Arab cultures and is often a gesture of hospitality and generosity, served to welcome guests.


12 oz. bag of whole bean coffee